Monday, October 01, 2012

Coming Soon: Tackle Week!

I mentioned way back in an episode of Rider Break! that I was writing a little something to coincide with Midnight Crew Subs/KITsubs' release of Kamen Rider Stronger episode 30. That day has come, but over time that little something wound up becoming a very, very long something, with a lot more time and involvement than I originally anticipated (what else is new?)

But it is a topic about which I have a lot to say, about a character who I feel deserves a lot of analysis and recognition for just what she achieved.

So why not.

From her humble beginnings to her ultimate fate, her varied comics portrayals and even her as-of-yet unwritten future, the next five days will see more about Stronger's red & yellow partner in crime than you ever thought could be legally printed.

Things are changing around here at, and it all kicks off with a week for the real first female Rider.

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